Hold Your Horses 👍

That’s what I’m always telling Aislyn. My mother used to say it to me. But I say it in a funny way that makes her laugh.

Well, not anymore, really, because now she knows it means she has to wait.

I returned the papasan. Returned the laptop with no picture. Those pants literally were falling down past my butt, so those are going back, too.

It sounds like I buy a lot of stuff, and, I don’t know, maybe I do. But it’s mostly all stuff I need.

The laptop was only $140, but it didn’t work. If I’m completely honest with myself, I can get by for a couple of months with no laptop, as long as I’m still in the bowels of the WH.

There isn’t much I can’t do on my phone.

The chair was to get away from the mouse, and I found a far cheaper and smaller one.

The pants were because, well, I needed pants, and I know I like those ones.

Just for the sake of budgeting, I may stop giving away my clothes for now.

No. No, I can’t believe I said that. I absolutely cannot do that. No matter how many times I yo-yo up and down the stupid scale, I simply cannot hold on to my “heavy” clothes.

I believe I send myself a distinct message when I do that, so nope. They’re out of here. I don’t care how supremely stupid or stubborn it may sound to the rest of the world. I. Will. Not. Relent.

I am so hungry right now. I really want a doughnut.

But I’m not getting one. I wish I knew the last day I went to Dunkin’ because the longer I stay away, the more important that day becomes.

In the car this morning, I was realizing how significant a shift this is for me. It seemed kind of small at the time. But I had been going there regularly for years. Since at least Aislyn was born, which was 2017. That’s six years!

I’m going to go make some 1-point coffee. Talk later, my friends. ❤️

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