Dunkin’ D’OH!

I can find no evidence in my blog of when I stopped going to Dunkin.’ I know it was the end of February, I just don’t know the day. I want to say it was a weekday, the last time I went. The kids were having their after school snack when I told them.

I’m doing it for them, too. I don’t want Aislyn eating a doughnut everyday. That can’t be a good habit. And it’s probably saving us a good chunk of money.

If I spend $10 a day at Dunkin’ that’s a whopping $70 a week. Just for two sips of coffee and doughnuts.

$70 x 4.3 = $301 a month. That’s two months of car insurance, almost.

$301 x 12 = $3,612. Yikes.

That’s most of my car repairs.

I didn’t spend $10 there everyday, but at least 3 or 4 days, I did.

So, children. Let this be a lesson to you. Avoid doughnuts at all costs.

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