Up with Aislyn 👍

I got showered and dressed early, and when I came down, Aislyn came out of her room.

“Can I stay with you?” She asked me.

So here we are, at the crack of dawn, on the couch together.

She is usually up after Desmond.

I tried to take a picture of us, but the flash bothers her eyes, so it keeps coming out weird, and I’m not near a light switch.

Full disclosure: after several days, bandages really start to stink, as in smell bad. I can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon, when they remove them.

Number-wise, I stayed the same this week. But I know that’s not the real truth. Because last week I got on with clothes on and it said a number. This week I got on with no clothes on and it said the same number. So actually, I’ve gone up a little, if you follow me.

But, I must keep in mind, I was far more sedentary this past week than I usually am, because I was out of work except for Monday. And I ate pretty much the same.

I tracked better this week, if not perfectly. I rather conveniently tend to omit the details of the last few hours of the day, and, unfortunately, those are my most critical.

I think this week I’m going to try to stay closer to my budget.

It’s embarrassing, but I’d say I easily consume between 60-100 points a day. My daily budget is 23. That’s based on my height, weight, age, and sex.

Okay, so I just went back into my app to try to get an average based on last week? But it turns out I didn’t track nearly as well as I thought. So I really don’t know for sure how much I’m actually consuming.

I’m thinking maybe this week, I should try eating only when I’m actually feeling hungry, and find out how many points it takes to keep me satiated. Because I have a feeling it’s a heck of a lot less than 60…but maybe slightly more than 23.

Have to go for now. We’re watching “Work it Out Wombats” on PBS Kids.

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