Guess Who 👍

To keep Aislyn away from the boys, we played a round of Guess Who.

She guessed right on the first try.

But I almost always pick the same dude, I think.

At least I didn’t pick Man Bun this time.

There’s no Leah in Guess Who. And if there was, what are the odds of her having red hair?

Not very good, if you ask me.

Next, she got out Play-Doh again, but I didn’t make it to the kitchen on time, and she’s already put that away and is now giggling with the boys.

She is too young to be giggling with boys.

I must put a stop to this immediately!

Or pretty quickly.

Well, now they’ve gone upstairs and she was upset minutarily but she’s over it already. She’s a trooper.

She’s a character.

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