Cat Condo đź‘Ť

About a week ago, I got the kids these Elmer’s tools for cardboard, since we always seem to have cardboard around. Desmond made a house for Shane and Finny.

Whose house? Shane’s house.

Shane, being the alpha, claimed the house immediately.

At first, I think he was reticent to go in the house. And these guys really don’t care about edible cat treats.

So we put one of Desmond’s old favorite outgrown shirts in the box, and kitty went right in. He lovey his boy.

What’s remarkable about this photo is how much beautiful floor you can still see in Desmond’s room, so many months after a big cleanup, I can’t even remember when it was, anymore. Last summer?!

Outstanding job keeping your room clean, buddy!

And, of course, I’m no expert, but Shane’s new residence appears structurally sound and well-built. I also admire the design. A successful project, in deed.

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