Welcome Back, Critter 👍

I am actually a little too young for the show Welcome Back, Kotter, which aired in 1975.

But it’s still a cute play on words for those of us old enough to remember at least the name and understand the pun.

That dumb mouse is alive and well.

Hopefully it’s mouse, not mice.

Hopefully it’s mice, not rats.

God help me.

I’m thinking about having my neighbor come in and clean for me. She has her own business.

I’ve been embarrassed to seek outside help, but this can’t be the dirtiest house in Dover…right?

Knowing me, and I like to think I do, I would certainly clean before she got here.

I would probably just have her do the downstairs. Possibly the upstairs bathroom.

I mean, I’d love a clean bedroom, but if I’m paying someone, I need to focus on high-traffic areas of the house.

Oh, my God, Wednesday cannot come soon enough. There’s no escape from the scritch-scratching.

Headphones? Earbuds?

The sun’s coming up, you moron. Go to sleep.

Better yet, go away.

Grrrr. Mices are my nemices.

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