Rabbit Hole đź‘Ť

I am something like 100 weeklies in the negative right now. It doesn’t help that I’ve had so little activity this week. I usually earn back like 10 weeklies a day with all the walking.

What’ll I ever do if I get promoted?

Ray apparently gained weight when he got promoted from WH manager. But he was actually doing a lot of material handling right before he was promoted, because Rick was still out and that weirdo had just quit, so he was covering all the time.

I remember because that was back when I was in production and he was the one bringing us all our stuff but he wouldn’t say two words to me or ever crack a smile.

He’s still pretty quiet around me, but now he is friendlier and acknowledges me. And smiles more.

It is a little worrisome when someone doesn’t smile at you, I guess. My problem is I don’t necessarily know I’m not smiling.

I don’t know if Evan has gained any weight since he went upstairs. If he has, I can’t tell. To me, he just looks like Evan.

I can’t believe the time! I’ve been typing forever, but I feel like I haven’t gotten very far.

Have a great morning, my friends. Drive safely, and thanks for reading. ❤️

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