No Tingly 👍

Isn’t it weird how eye color can seem to change based on what you’re wearing?

I just thought I’d share a selfie, here. And, yes, I’m wearing something other than a black tank for a change. I do that sometimes.

I’m sure I’m probably the only person who cares or notices what clothes I have on, anyway.

But I did get my new old glasses. They’re for both distance and reading. Funny, though, they don’t work spectacularly well for distance. I can’t see the time except on my phone.

The skin on the scar on my right hand is peeling. But look how well it’s healing!

Almost back to normal

The doctor asked me how the right hand was doing: “Less tingly?”

No tingly,” I said.

No tingly on the left, either, but there wasn’t much tingly on the left to begin with.

I’m feeling better now, at least.

I might go to the store after my Naimark appointment at 10:45. Just to get out of the house.

I hope you’re having a good morning. ❤️

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