In for the Night 👍

Yup, it’s pretty embarrassing that I have no life. But I think I’m done for the day.

Nah, but… yeah.

No, but really. I’m just trying to take it easy so I don’t have to take the strong stuff. The prescription.

I had my appointment and I got kind of sternly spoken to about my bill. So as soon as we get those stupid HSA cards, I need to pay therapy.

They are terrible with those cards. It happened before, too. The cards expire. They say they sent new ones, and they didn’t, so then they supposedly resend them, and they still don’t come. Weeks go by.

I feel like someone should do something about that. Not it.

I’m wicked hot.

I went to Walmart looking for a short term comfy chair until the papasan gets here, and came home without one, deciding our $7 camp chairs with something to put my feet up will be fine for a few days. I need to start really saving so I can fix my car.

Plus, we now have to pay pest control. ☹️

Plus, we might need a new couch on account of the vermin living under (or in 🤮) our current one.

I may have to take on some overtime. Which means I’ll finally have to learn the forklift.

Maybe it can wait until there’s no more ice on the ground, though.

I did get a cool (as in cold; not rad) pillow and a more reasonable chair cover for the living room chair, though. We needed both of those things.

Welcome back, old friend.

I just finished eating, took more Motrin and will probably try to nap.

Only Lefty hurts right now. So there’s that.

I can’t believe tomorrow’s already Friday! This time, I don’t feel ready to go back. I’m not sure why I did before.

Maybe it’s because now I’ve had two surgeries; not just the one. My body might be tired.

Okay, my friends. Night-night.

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