Working from Home 👍

I’m watching Aislyn remote schooling on Google Meet. All of these cute little kindergarten faces and Mrs. M. in the middle.

She’s so loud because she has headphones on.

One of the kids has a filter behind her. I didn’t think people still did that. Huh. Guess so.

Aislyn raised her hand to tell her class she knew what 32 plus 32 was. Her teacher asked if she’d been doing math all day. She said yes. 😂

She seemed to stay on task better when I was actively facilitating. I guess that makes sense, though. She was not really able to work independently at home.

I guess that’s why kindergarteners don’t really get homework.

Anyway, it’s still snowing.

Anyway, the 22-year-old overhead microwave died last night.

Anyway, now we’ll have one more thing (short term, cheap microwave) crowding our countertop.

I’m in kind of a grouchy mood right now, I guess. It might be time for more Motrin.

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