Two for Two 👍

All done

Well, I’m not really all done. I have follow up appointments, more Band-aids, and occupational therapy. And it’ll be a couple more weeks before I can drive the tugger.

This time, I had wicked pins and needles in the hand they operated on until about the last 20 minutes, after I took Motrin.

They put something in my IV to relax me and before I knew it I was waking up and it was over.

Easy peasy.

Aislyn has to draw her favorite winter activity, which is sledding, for remote school today. So I drew her a picture of what she could do.

Wheeeeeee! Don’t make fun of my drawing.

It didn’t work, though.

“I caaaaaaan’t,” she said, and now she’s crying.

Apparently, remote learning is not her forte.

I can see how it would be tremendously difficult for kindergartners, though. Parents as teachers for five-year-olds is too confusing.

She wants more help and attention from Mama than she actually needs because of attachment. I’m trying to give her adequate support without coddling her.

Intellectually, she is so smart, like Desmond.

But she’s having a very hard time emotionally.

I think it’s possible to be too young for remote learning, though I suppose kindergartners are home schooled plenty. Right?

Maybe it’s me; not her. Maybe I need to change my approach.

Desmond remote learned for a year and a half: end of first and all of second grade, and he did amazingly well with it. But he was older. Almost 7. And Derek spearheaded that campaign, while I was downstairs with Aislyn.

Yup. Those were some good times, quarantine.

Actually, they weren’t bad, in all seriousness. We got more time with the kids. You can’t get those years back. We tried to make the most of them.

Well this is refreshing. Finally, a post that started off about me but ended up being about them.

After all, it is about them, when you get right down to it.

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