The Worst Part

The worst part of the surgery isn’t the procedure itself or the recovery. The worst part is now. All these hours that I can’t have anything to drink.

My meds give me dry mouth to begin with. I am so unbelievably thirsty.

Let’s just get this over with, please, so I can drink my Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi in peace.

And yes, I understand that caffeinated diet soda probably isn’t the best thirst quencher. But it’s my lifeline.

Everyone is telling me stay home, stay home for the week. But I get so bored!

If I stay home, I’m still going to do stuff with my hands. I’m going to clean the house because I’ll have the energy and I can’t stand the mess.

Maybe I could finally clean the bedroom. It will only stay clean for a day, though, that’s the problem.

I can’t help feeling like, if my home was more organized and clean, my life would be too, and my nutrition would follow.

Maybe I could make that my project while I’m home.

I might go back to sleep for a while. Goodnight, friends.

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