Kitty Butt 👍

I’ve got my lucky something today. I don’t want to say exactly what it is because I don’t want to jinx it. But good things seem to happen when I have it.

If you can figure out what it is I’ll grow a Ron Swanson mustache.

Ron Swanson, a fictional character from the Parks and Rec television series

Or at least I’ll try real hard to grow it.

I hope I have a good day before Lefty goes under.

Does Lefty sound bad? Does it sound like I’m talking about something else?

I may check in with Eddie today about that label. Just to let him know I caught the problem. And also to tell him I talked to John about advancement.

DE is right. Eddie is a good guy. He’s not going to come down on me for a mistake I recognized and tried to fix.

I can’t really imagine him coming down on anyone. Not, at least, in any sort of aggressive way.

Shane is lying halfway in and halfway out of Desmond’s comfy chair. All I can see is his little kitty butt.

I have to go now. New Englanders, drive safely. Well, everyone drive safely, but NEs, mind the ice and snow. Have a great day and thank you as always for being my readers ❤️

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