A Talk 👍

Desmond and I just had A Talk. Not The Talk, you know the one.

No, we had a talk about drug prevention.

I asked Sherry B. when was the right time to bring it up.

“Now,” she said. “He’s going into middle school, right?”

So today seemed as good a day as any, and I felt ready.

I had all these paragraphs about what we said, but I erased them, because, you know, it seems appropriate to keep our conversation private.

It wasn’t a long talk. He’s young for lectures.

We also discussed puberty a little bit, though. He was very interested in that.

He’s a very good kid. But sometimes even very good kids get mixed up in the wrong things. You just never know.

I’m so proud of Desmond and Aislyn. They really are the best kids ever.

There’s a possibility I might be slightly biased. 😉

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