Help! 👍

I made a big mistake yesterday. I put the wrong label on a box. I caught it, took responsibility for it, but for some reason, Downstairs Evan won’t let me fix it. He said we’ll take care of it later, not to worry, etc.

But I am worried! Mislabeling a box is a huge error, and until it is corrected, I’m going to be freaking out inside.

It is the kind of mistake that can cost the company tens of thousands of dollars. The kind of mistake that can cost you your job.

And here I am, trying to advance. In shipping!

Oh, my God.

I thought about talking to Ray, who made me the extra labels. I was repacking a skid of boxes, you see, and sometimes a box is so damaged that you can’t salvage the original label to transfer to a new box. So Ray printed extra labels. For that skid.

Then someone brought me another skid to repack, and, oh, God, I used a label from the first skid! How stupid! I know you can’t do that. Where was my brain?!

Side note: Dale just came over and acknowledged my email. Said he’s been very busy. And now, of course, I feel bad for having been annoyed with him over it.

Anyway, I’m afraid this little mishap is going to cost me a promotion, or possibly even my current job.

Why, why, WHY?

So I thought about talking to Ray, but I don’t know how many people I want to bring into this loop.

DE said not to worry. Maybe I should listen to him and not worry. Let it go. You know me. Lori would say I’m awfulizing everything. She is not wrong. Often when something happens, I immediately jump to worst case scenario.

I tell my kids, “It’s not a national crisis.” Maybe I should take my own advice.

I documented it just in case, and the kid witnessed most of the conversation, so even if it does come up, I’m probably covered.

Anyway, I should go.

Oh, Mickayla is okay. I asked Dale. This is her third week out, so I was starting to worry.

Talk later ❤️

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