We Interrupt 👍

Yep, I slept in. I was so warm and cozy and my dreams must’ve been pleasant.

Dude, you didn’t say, “Yeah, must’ve been.”

I’m supposed to start the car at this time. But I’m not, yet. I’m going to do the dumb thing and procrastinate.

Yesterday I ran late, too, because of that post about change, so I took the turnpike, thinking it would save me time because I could drive faster?

Nope. There was a crash down at the tolls at exit 6, and traffic was backed up to exit 7 and beyond.

Katy (Quality Lady) was helpful the other day, I meant to say. While I don’t really trust when people behave inconsistently, I do emphatically believe in giving credit where credit’s due. I like to think I at least try really hard to be fair.

It’s a bit of a moral conundrum for me.

I can never remember what kinder name I’ve given Hondamort, so moving forward, let’s call her Mavis, as it suits her.

Mavis and Bea were having a conversation and I had a question for them so I stopped by and waited for them to finish and acknowledge me.

I hate doing that, but it was quick and pertained to helping them, so I figured it was probably okay.

I waited what seemed like two full minutes for either one of them to make eye contact with me, then walked away.

I rarely if ever approach Mavis for any reason because of how unfriendly she is to me. She only speaks to or at me when she most desperately needs something from me. Usually, I give her a wide berth.

And bad things sometimes happen when I try to join in-progress conversations. I should never do it. It’s probably poor etiquette, but on the other hand, if two people are right in the middle of lots of other people around, nothing they’re saying is probably private, right? Maybe…

I guess I just shouldn’t do it.

It’s like interrupting. I know I interrupt sometimes. I don’t do it on purpose. It is impulsivity, on account of the ADHD. I’m almost never trying to be rude or aggressive. Unless I’m very upset. Then I might kind of forget to wait my turn.

Usually the interruption is directly related to the conversation, at least, a connection. And sometimes I feel I must say something immediately before it’s gone forever from my head. Because it will go, my friends. Brain like a sieve. It will go.

But I can tell people get annoyed, sometimes. Men, in particular, do not like to be interrupted for any reason, barring life-threatening circumstances.

It is annoying when someone constantly interrupts. But that’s not me. Usually I do it once, get just a flash of a look from the other person, say I’m sorry and that’s it.

I do pick up on nonverbal cues. Even when I’m not meant to. That’s another reason that makes me think I might not have autism. People with autism often have difficulty interpreting facial expressions. I don’t think I do.

Of course I understand how widely people on the spectrum differ from one another. I was a special education teacher, don’t forget. I’m sure some people with autism can read facial expressions just fine. But oftentimes, not so much.

Anyway, going to be late again. This is a bad pattern I’m getting into. Better stop it.

Have a good day, friends. Locals, drive safely please. Or stay home. Telecommute. Thanks for reading. ❤️

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