Count Up All the “Change” 👍

Hey, Desmond and Aislyn: every time you read the words “change” or “changes” in this post, have a sip of water.

The rest of you, maybe sip your favorite caffeinated beverage. It’s early.

I didn’t post much, yesterday. It must be I was really tired. I fell asleep last night at, like, 5:00.

I’m down slightly on the scale, but I messed up yesterday too.

I think there’s something to be said, though, about the fact that I don’t get out of bed to snack all that often anymore. It seems I’ve been able to get that habit in remission.

So if I can change that habit, there is reason to believe I can also change this daily self-sabotage ritual I have going.

If things go well for me over the next several weeks, there may be many changes coming.

But change isn’t always bad for this WW gig. Sometimes change ignites healthy habit change.

It might be a while before the ball really gets rolling, but when it does, I will want to have at least the outline of a plan in place.

Because, if things go well, my day will likely look vastly different from the way it is now.

There’s a chance I will not be nearly as physically active. I will need a contingency plan for that.

There’s a possibility I will not be as tired all the time, which means I’ll have more energy to bike if I need to. I used to bike six days a week, and, as you might imagine, I lost tons of weight that way.

But I was also eating much healthier. And I only worked part time. And I drank two protein shakes a day, which helped me to lose, sure, but ultimately murdered my colon for three months.

I could go back to a more manageable sleep schedule, giving me more stamina to actually live my life.

As I said before, though, nothing is definite. Eddie has to get back. Discussions must occur. Change doesn’t happen overnight. And, of course, sometimes even the best laid plans go awry.

I’m just trying to keep my head on straight about this whole thing. Trying not to get overly excited just yet.

But if it does work out, there will be big changes in my overall lifestyle, which may actually help me develop new and better eating habits.

Now, I’m not saying I’m waiting for those changes to start behaving myself. Big changes take time. I’m not going to waste time or set myself back in the interim. I’m going to keep trying everyday to follow the program for as long as I can through the day.

We know that 80% of the time I’m a rockstar on this plan. It’s the last 20% of the day that’s killing me.

I’m going to continue to read Atomic Habits. It’s extremely well-written and engaging so far—granted, I haven’t gotten that far.

This may mean fewer or shorter posts. Don’t everyone chorus “Awwww,” in protest, now, it’ll be okay.

Hahaha, more self-deprecating humor.

Sorry, Desmond and Aislyn, I know in your innocence you are puzzled by my playful self-flagellation and I love you so very much for that and everything else you are.

Well, this post took a sudden, sharp turn for the sappy, but hey, it could be worse, right?

I hope I have not sent you straight for the bathroom with all of my changes.

Just remember, change is good, people can change for the better, but they must want to change, you can’t change someone else, and don’t listen to Deftones’ Change in the House of Flies while driving your car through backwoods New Hampshire on a moonless summer night.

Trust me.

Have an excellent morning, my fair readers. I am so late for work. Drive safely. Thanks for playing with me. 🙃

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