Despite My Efforts

I seem to be slowly gaining weight.

I need to start a habit of saying no thank you to ordering out. We can’t really afford it, anyway.

I did fine last night until dinner time. Then I fell apart, ordered pizza and brownie sundae.

Why do I do this to myself?

I read a post yesterday on LinkedIn that said an hour of reading a day will send you to the top of your field. I’m curious how they arrived at this conclusion, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. It certainly doesn’t hurt you.

I wonder if that applies to changing habits, too. That woman who’s losing like a rockstar says she reads a lot.

If I read more, I’d have to post less. I know, it’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? I know you’re all devastated by even the possibility of not receiving six of my posts a day in your inbox.

But great writers are also great readers.

As usual, I digress. Most of my day is fantastic. It’s the end of it I need to work on.

I wonder if those peanut butter crackers aren’t a trigger food. Because it’s hard sometimes to have just one package. Maybe I should not buy them this week, see what happens.

Do I really need four snacks before dinner, or am I just bored? It looks ridiculous, now I’m reading it back. Four snacks? Yup. Cheese stick. Nuts. Fruit. Crackers.

Spread more evenly over the afternoon it might not be so bad, but that’s basically one sitting. That’s not a snack. That’s a mini-binge. That sets me up to fail, I think.

What if I had the nuts and cheese when I got home, the fruit just before dinner, and nixed the crackers? Might that make more sense?

Or is it six of one, half dozen of the other?

What is the root problem, here?

Door Dash.

Sometimes if I know it’s a Door Dash night, I give up before it even gets here. That’s just me being real with you.

I need to cook.

Derek does the cooking. It’s always been him. I’ve never really had to.

But I think I have to now.

I have a nifty indoor grill I can use. I used to make a lot of stuff on the Foreman grill when I saw the naturopath.

I’ve never felt better in my life than when I was seeing him, by the way. I was on a food plan not dissimilar, I think, to the paleo diet, with lots of animal protein. A supplement plan consisting of various vitamins. I almost entirely eliminated refined sugar from my diet. I had so much energy. I lost 20 pounds.

But it wasn’t covered by insurance, so eventually I had to give it up. Also, I got pregnant with Desmond, and my food preferences drastically shifted.

I can’t buy supplements from them, because I was treated so long ago, but they did still have my file, and they emailed me my supplement plan.

Dr. Bier, for those of you who are very local. Human Nature Natural Health. I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to feel better.

My diet change is how my boss knew I was pregnant. One day I was eating nitrate free hotdogs for breakfast and protein shakes for snack. The next I was intermittently nibbling saltines and hovering over his candy bowl like a vulture.

I think it was also painfully obvious from the front of me. I went from average to double bubble overnight.

That’s just my theory, though.

That happened both times, actually. Immediately. That’s how I knew I was pregnant with Aislyn. One day, normal, the next, WHOAH.

Time to go. This one is a real hodgepodge, isn’t it.

Have a great morning, my dear friends. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Thanks for reading. ❤️

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