Where You Going with the Master Plan

Commonly misheard lyrics. If you can figure out the band and or the correct lyrics, I’ll flash you my stitches again.

You thought I was going to say something else. Get yer minds outta the gutter, preverts!

Nah, but, so far the new master plan is going fine. I just had my fruit cup.

In all honesty, I expect it to go well while I’m here. It almost always does.

Who can I talk to about this whole job situation? Most people don’t know I’m looking to move up. Maybe only Evan.

Evan is pretty much always a good person to talk to, anyway, and he has the right background. I wonder what he would say about the way NoMail is behaving toward me.

My guess is that he would give him the benefit of the doubt, even when others have said, “Wow, he sounds like a $&@)?!”

That’s just Evan.

I’m not being derisive. Actually, I wish I could be more like that. It would save me a lot of negative energy.

I don’t think Mickayla is back, yet.

I almost kind of think Eddie might be a reasonable option, if indeed he was an option. He’s out all week.

Eddie might have info about what’s happening in the WH when John retires. And what he could have me do to prep for any openings. Like he has with Nina. But, like I said…

That leaves Evan. But he is hard to pin down for very long.

Maybe if I see him I’ll ask him if I can pick his brain for a few minutes this week. Surely he’d give up a few minutes somewhere to help me out, right?

I would imagine so.

I think I’m doing all the right things. There’s just no movement, and, sorry, but NoMail is not being very helpful to me, for whatever reason.

I still think it has something to do with my Soundgarden blog post from months back. I don’t know what else it could be.

Unless it’s just that I don’t rank, here. Which is just f***ing stupid. There are so many ways they could use me—say it with me—not like that.

Gots to go now.

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