Eyes on the Board

It’s slow right now. And even if it wasn’t, I’m limited as to what I can do.

Was going to attempt the trash, but G. is doing a big project with the forklift, so I’d rather not walk through it.

Eddie is out this week. Finn’s in charge. We don’t think he’ll be over here terribly often because he has his own stuff. But I have to talk to him about Thursday.

I have a follow up. I hope they’ll allow me on the tugger by then, but I’m not expecting it. They said 3 weeks for full recovery.

I really need to work on my posture if I want to appear more confident. My default standing position is butt out. Like, my top half leans on my bottom half. And I think it’s always been that way. Even in dance.

I did the trash. It may have been a mistake.

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