Don’t You Love It When…

…you get what you wish for?

Evan was down here, chatting up Creepy Extruding Guy, exactly as I predicted, so I snagged him and talked to him about this situation.

I also love when I actually follow through with my ideas. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

He said talk to John. Not surprisingly, he said to sell myself. Build a character. So that’s what I’m going to do.

It’s just, errr…what have I done to add value to this company?

Well, let’s see…

  • I’ve done lots for Honda, and the WH got a compliment from the production manager about our efficiency and organization. I am efficient with the tugger.
  • I am super organized, get praise for it here, and in retail, cleaning up departments, making merchandise look amazing and much easier to locate.
  • I take initiative to help out coworkers when it slows down on the production floor and I’ve picked up new skills that way, like working with Evan and Sherry B on RFID.
  • I am highly dependable. I’m always here, even assigned weekends although I’m on light duty.
  • I’m on the safety committee, and it was I who brought up the Honda returnables lining the wall as a safety concern.
  • I literally graph data and create spreadsheets for fun.
  • I have two degrees. Learn quickly and vastly.

Time’s up.

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