Back to the Drawing Board

After reading the first few pages of Atomic Habits, I was inspired to try something I don’t think I’ve done before. I mapped out a typical day with my base meals and snacks. Usually, after work, I go way over, but I wrote down what I what do on an uncommonly good day. A day without overeating.

Like, for instance, lately, I’ve eaten multiple packages of peanut butter crackers in just one or two sittings. I listed only one package for the day.

Actually, it’s only that last snack time or two that are the problem area. Everything else is accurate. I have one fruit cup a day. I have one bag of nuts, one cheese stick, two points worth of iced coffee.

It’s before and after dinner that do me in.

Anyway, I wrote down an average good day. I want to see if that average good day will sustain me.

I’m contemplating setting timers for my last two snacks, as well. Maybe just until I’ve got them under control.

I’m trying to build habits. That’s the whole point of this exercise. Better habits.

A day without overeating

I want to follow this schedule today. I will try.

This has been a nice, temporary distraction. But I’m still feeling sad. I still really need to talk. I don’t see Lori until next Monday.

I hope I can find someone. Oh, no! Have to go! Have a great day, friends. Thanks for listening.

❤️ ♥️ 💜

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