You Guessed It! 👍

Long line

What can I say? I’m a sugar addict.

But it also gives me time to post.

I’m up from last Sunday, but down from midweek. I’m not upset. I’m doing better with tracking, I think.

Well, as of yesterday.

New week, full of new opportunities.

I hope Mickayla is back soon. Is that selfish?

She probably won’t have any new information, but at least she’ll answer my questions and make some kind of effort.

I hope she stays at Hutch, even after she gets her masters. Actually that’s kinda selfish, too. I take it back.

How about this? I hope they promote her. Or give her a nice raise that will make her want to stay.

Most of her family works there, so she might want to stay, anyway.

I do. It’s my big, boxy home away from home.

But…it’s the same question nagging me, readers. Can I advance there? What happens if there’s nothing for years?

They invented a job for Evan. But they like Evan. Do they like me?

Do they know me?

And who’s “they”? Who do I have to know to get somewhere with this?

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