Capture the Sunrise 👍

Isn’t that a great title? I thought of it, Googled it, and, sure enough, someone had already kinda captured that phrase. Oh well.

Google is a terrific instrument to demonstrate there is nothing new.

Don’t worry, I’m just kidding.

Sorry for my lateness. I was doing some thinking.

Desmond had a rough night. So I tried to go outside and take a picture of the sunrise for him. But it didn’t work.

The balcony off the backyard must face east, because the sky was a panoply of colors. But our windows are smudged, and if I go out on the deck, I’m never going to get that door shut again.

So I went out my front door in my winter coat and bunny slippers. It was not the same.

So I’ve got nothing for him when he gets up. Nothing but this post.

I love you, Desmond. Daddy loves you. Always know. You and Aislyn are everything.

No matter what.

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