“You’re So Dang!”👍

Desmond, when he was three, used to say this when he was mad at us.

He probably got it from me, because “dang” is a word I use instead of another word in front of the kids.

I ate four chocolate chip cookies at 6 points each. Uh oh. I’m at 54 points for today, including dinner.

But at least I tracked everything so far today.

54 points is probably not even that many compared to what I eat when I don’t track.

So, while it may not seem like I’m making progress, today is progress, because I tracked 24 points worth of cookies, and I don’t usually do that. That’s the point where I usually give up and stop tracking.

That is a growth mindset.

If I looked at today with a fixed mindset, which, admittedly, is what I most often have done over the last 15 months, I would consider today another large scale failure, and say, “It’s too hard. Forget this.” And eat all the rest of the cookies.

But today, I stopped myself. And that is a success.

It’s all in how you look at a thing.

Nothing new. I’m familiar with this theory, and I know it works because I’ve worked it.

And now I’m going to work it some more.

Because I’m done whining about the way things are. I’m ready to change them.

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