Wool Sockses and Toy Boxes 👍

I got Desmond this snap circuits kit. It was very inexpensive, and you can do a lot with it. He’s already activated a color-changing light and a flying wheel.

He had talked about snap circuits in school, and they sounded really cool, and he’s got a week of vacation. Maybe he and his buddy can play with them one day.

Aislyn got wool socks and a toy box.

But don’t worry about Aislyn, my dear readers. I cleaned pretty much her whole room (will maybe add pictures of my magic later), and relocated her princess tent, so her little friend could come over, too.

They are both writing their own blogs now in word documents. Even though I told them people don’t really blog that much, anymore; it’s kind of a dead art (I didn’t say that last part to them).

And Desmond makes slide presentations on my old computer.

I’m not worried about either of them. They’re going to be amazing adults.

In one of my posts, I poke fun at myself about turning my blog into a book. Desmond asked me why I said what I said. I said I was just making a joke about myself. He seemed surprised. I thought that was nice.

Because maybe he thinks I could really do it. Or maybe he just thinks I shouldn’t use self-deprecating humor. Which is also good.

He just shared Total Pencil Island 4 with me. I’m thrilled that he has all these things he loves to share. It may be naive, but I hope it stays this way.

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