Spring Cleaning

I have been editing and reposting lots of my draft posts, so if you nonsubscribers have some old favorites that mysteriously disappeared a while back…

Just letting you know.

When work found out about the blog, I got nervous. There was never anything incendiary about the Hutch, because I don’t really have anything bad to say. But some things, you’d rather not have upper management knowing…you know?

There have been times I’ve become too comfortable and casual about what I’m sharing with the world. I look back at those times and cringe with every fiber of my being.

The plant manager needn’t know which or how many medications I am currently taking. He probably doesn’t, since he can’t remember me, but you get my point.

My boss and most definitely my kids don’t need to know about my college-capades. You know, all two of them.

HR doesn’t need to know my bra size.

My preferred underwear style, color, texture, material…

No one really needs to know any of that, actually… 😳

I mean, I enjoy having a place where I can be open and real with you, but…

Oh. My. God.

Embarrassment makes me hungry. I’m going to eat lunch, now.

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