Google Me 👍

I just googled myself, and, yeah, it takes a while to find my blog. It’s the 21st result behind all of these other, more famous Leah Taylors, including an actress.

I think it used to be the eighth result. I wonder if it is suffering in quality, somehow. Might have something to do with tags or lack thereof.

There’s this thing called search engine optimization, or SEO that digital writers are supposed to pay attention to.

When I was a content writer, I had to include specific words and phrases in my blog posts and web content that would help the piece rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

This just means that the content would appear as a result nearer the top of the page.

We didn’t have to do our own keyword research; the client supplied us with the SEO terms. But some content writers research their own SEO.

Is that all as clear as mush? I mean, it’s kind of interesting, especially if you want to boost your site traffic.

I tend not to use tags or SEO as often, anymore, mainly because I’m lazy, or I think, I don’t have time, I’ll go back and do it later. But also because, for my purposes, it convolutes my stats.

And I don’t know how to do keyword research. I just guess.

Perhaps if I did do keyword research and actively use SEO, my blog would rank higher on Google. But I don’t mind it being obscure. I like my cult following.

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