Hi Hooooooo! 👍

Now you say it.

Hi Ho, hi Ho, it’s back to work I go.

I’ve been busy since I got here, which is good. Everything’s a lot slower, though. Takes me more time. Only temporary.

Email Ignorer walked by me without even acknowledging me. I just kind of gave him a look. I know I shouldn’t have, but come on, dude, at least pretend I matter.

Maybe I’m being judgey, but I can’t help feeling like a more considerate person would at least acknowledge receipt and apologize for not responding.

What does Evan see in him?

At least my WH peeps are glad to have me back. Everyone in production knew I was out, too; they asked how it went.

People here do care about me. ❤️

Well, I guess. Have a good morning, adorable readers. Take care. Talk later.

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