Draft Status 👍

I was reading some of my old posts in draft status. Those are the ones non-Jetpackers don’t see. It was like walking through my recent past.

If September was a carnival, October was the roller coaster.

Some posts I put in draft because they’re going nowhere and I don’t know how to proceed with them.

Others go in draft if the system glitches and creates a duplicate post. That happens a lot, for some reason. Then my email subscribers get two of the same posts in their inbox, which must drive them crazy. They’re thinking: Who needs two of these?

Still others, I place in draft status when I get nervous about sensitive content and who might happen to stumble upon it. Like, after the insurance company denied my worker’s comp claim and I requested a hearing.

I “cleaned house” because I was worried about what they might try to use against me at the hearing. Even though I didn’t do anything wrong, nor did I have anything to hide.

But that insurance lady was mean. She even gave poor Mickayla a hard time. Who could ever be mean to Mickayla? She’s, like, the nicest person.

You just never know.

Sometimes I switch posts with a lot of work-related content to draft for the same reason. I don’t want it to come back and bite me in the butt if I carelessly say something less than glowing about a coworker. Or if I maybe inadvertently share some information I shouldn’t have with my legions of readers.

Even though the blog has a very modest readership, the Hutch still knows about it, and could hop on my site at any time.

In fact it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s part of the reason a certain administrator is such a challenge to connect with. Because I really tried. And I discussed my frustration openly here.

That was before I knew that anyone from work knew about this blog. And, yes, I also vented yesterday, but those will probably go into draft soon, too.

Again, I haven’t ever said anything really bad or untrue about said individual, but I can see why what I did say might make him slightly less psyched about me, and thus a bit less pumped about helping me.

Possibly, I should just hang it up for now and wait for Mickayla’s return.

I don’t know if it’s public knowledge or if I’m supposed to say where she’s been, but Eddie, her brother, told me. I’m very excited for her. I think she’s going to do fabulously. I have a friend who did the same thing a number of years ago and it’s worked out very well for her.

But, as usual, I digress. And, as usual, I have to go to the bathroom. Talk later, my friends. ❤️

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