Good Post for Desmond 👍

I keep forgetting to thumbs up my posts for Desmond. Sorry, buddy. Most of them are probably okay, now.

At least the language is fine. Still some of the content might be a little heavy, like nightmares and meds and stuff like that.

I am cat worshipping Shane. When I told Desmond a couple of months ago that I was cat worshipping, he said, “Oh, Mama, that phrase is so last year.”

I just about peed my pants laughing.

They both say the most hilarious things. And I always forget to write them down! Aislyn, especially.

She thinks I got carpal tunnel from driving through a tunnel.

Poor Aislyn is a victim, a little bit, of second child syndrome.

I did work pretty hard on both their baby books, but I think Desmond’s is more complete.

I have a calendar, though, somewhere, with all of Desmond’s acquired words and phrases. His speech came slowly. At 18 months, he suddenly had a language explosion. But we were a little nervous right up until then.

I tried to do the same thing with Aislyn, but it fell apart by March.

I think it’s because you’re busier with a baby and a toddler than you were with just the one child, but still, you feel bad.

It’s weird to think for the longest time I had two littles. Now I have just one little and a big. But even my big will always be my baby. ❤️

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