Rock Paper Scissors Shane 👍

I still don’t know what to write about.

I am down a couple of pounds on the scale from last week. So that’s good.

I didn’t really do anything differently. I tried to stop caffeine by 1:00 pm everyday, but by no means was it an exact science.

I may have been out of bed less. I wouldn’t know, because I never took a baseline.

I think I consumed less caffeine in general, though. I had been buying up to four 20 oz bottles almost everyday, and that was in addition to my morning 32 oz mug.

I didn’t do that as much this past week.

I bought a pizza at the Greenland Target yesterday, but I only had one small piece of it.

I just really wanted something savory in my mouth.

I tracked until I got home everyday, which is what I usually do. Or I track through dinner, but I only track a very small sampling of my many snacks at night.

If I tracked all of my snacks, two things would happen.

  • I would snack less
  • I would lose weight

That’s all I have to do, is track and limit my snacks, and I’ll be good.

Maybe that’s what I should work on this week.


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