Creature of Habit 👍

Every Sunday morning I go through this. I know there’s going to be a line, why do I do it to myself?

It’s like everyday at work. Everyday I go down to the bathroom around 10:00. I know that’s when Elvis cleans it. But every single day I forget.

Oh, well. At least I can write this post.

Granola bars are 4 points each; not 2, like I somehow imagined. So I’m up 19 points already. At 9 am. On Super Bowl Sunday. Not that that really matters. I don’t follow football, anyway.

I’m having a pretty bad morning, so…

Anyway, Rite Aid gets their Adderall shipment early tomorrow, so I can go and pick it up, so I don’t feel like this all day at work.

I hope tomorrow is a good day before I’m out all week. I hope I get something accomplished.

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