My Temple 👍

I got up at 3:00, but Aislyn had a pee accident, and needed help, and then wanted me to stay with her, so I fell back asleep.

She can’t sleep if I’m on my phone. She’s all interested in what I’m doing, so I didn’t even bother taking it out while I was in there.

I just got up, but I guess I woke her up and now she’s up with me.

She painted a big heart at school. I thought, we ought to put that on her wall because she has such a big heart, it would make sense.

Because doesn’t your room say a lot about who you are? Especially when you’re young.

I loved my room when I was a kid. It was my temple, my safe haven. I put up all my art (I had art that I made) and my posters. Had my stereo hooked up, all my CDs.

My closet and bureau were full of cute little clothes. I had three windows, the one behind my bed overlooking the backyard. Blue wall to wall shag carpet. My wallpaper was blue with white flowers, it was the only paper in the house we didn’t change.

You can clearly see I still love that room. It was in an apartment that the landlord’s son renovated shortly after he threw out my mother and Paul, so it’s long gone, except in my memory.

It’s a complicated story, what happened with my family. I’m realizing now I left a lot out about my parents’ strange codependency and how that played out even into my early college years.

I will have to write another whole post about that.

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