All Dressed Up, Nowhere to Go 👍

I’m all showered and dressed.

Actually, I do have to get valentines and return a $20 defective tumbler that started falling apart before I even used it for the first time.

Before I even got it in the house.

I have the receipt. They’d better take it.

TJ Maxx in Portsmouth will take back anything. Marshalls will not. They might tell me they can’t take it because I used it. Even though it’s defective. The rubber seal fell off of it when I tried to wash it.

Good customer service would be to take it, at least give me store credit, since I have the receipt, and zero it out. I hope they do that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that little woman says no.

But I haven’t seen her in a while, maybe she’s not there anymore.

Probably, I should’ve brought it back as soon as I noticed the little silicone straw top had broken off the straw. That would’ve been before I even made it out to the car with the thing.

But it was kind of the last thing I wanted to do, get back in a long line. I figured I could live without the little silicone part.

Those shoes I got for $15 at TJ Maxx are also horrible. But I don’t know why I bought those in the first place. I would’ve worn shoes like that in 1997, for crying out loud. They have, like, 5” heels. I don’t know when or where I would ever wear them! What was I thinking?!


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