No answer yet to the big question: when is my actual surgery date? I left a message.

The problem is I work in a noisy factory, and even if I hear my phone ring, it will be hard to hear the scheduling lady.

I’ve been up front, mostly, well, back and forth, I guess, with Hondas.

That med for sweating worked well before, but it seems to be losing its effectiveness a little more each day. My bangs are already wet, and it’s only 8:30…well, 8:50, now.

I feel unattractive today, I don’t know why. Hopefully I at least look okay.

I guess cus I have to keep seeing my reflection in those little rear view mirrors, and I don’t like them.

I have to get the kids again. I made them clean with me last night. I actually had some energy left in me so I didn’t sit down right away; I picked up.

They were not pleased. They complained the whole time, all 30 minutes. I told them, “Don’t wanna do this again? Don’t make anymore messes.”

Tough Love Mama, that’s right.

Nah, I’m not surprised I got pushback from them. Because they’re used to me doing most or all of it myself. I was just as matter-of-fact as I could manage, but I did get a little frustrated with their feedback, and I’m sure they could hear it in my voice. I could hear it.

Well, I need to go. See you later 👋

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