Not Even a Little Bit 👍

It was a glitch. February 14 as planned. So I’ll be here Monday.

I’m not even a little hungry. I’m sick to my stomach.

I’ve eaten 4 points all day.

I was going to get my coffee at Dunkin,’ but then I wouldn’t have had time to post anything.

Dang, it’s busy in here this time of day!

I like that when I get back, I’ll only have 45 minutes left.

I might try to get here at 5:30 everyday. I hate staying until 2:30. Especially now, with GWERPH. I can’t stand him. Thank God he’s not on first shift.

I kind of thought I’d see Evan today.

I also kind of thought I’d get my new glasses yesterday. I kind of did not.

I usually have to get size small frames. I never thought of my face as small. But mediums fall right off my face.

Second shift is full of weirdos, isn’t it. Marla was second shift, this psychopath on all kinds of drugs I worked with many years ago was second shift.

David’s nice, though.

I could see working second shift so that your kids don’t have to be in childcare. I know some women do that. They’re probably not weirdos.

But that guy who hits on me is second shift, I think.

Well, how about that. My stomach started growling about 5 seconds before my End Lunch alarm went off. Ah, well. Talk later.

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