40 Degrees at 4:30 a.m. 👍

Isn’t February supposed to be cold?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’ll take the warmer weather. So will my hands.

My hands. They give you something during the procedure that makes you pleasantly unaware of what they’re doing to you. Why don’t they just knock me out?

I’m very nervous about the idea of being awake through this, even if I am high as a kite. How would I not have any awareness at all that they are going in and altering my hands? I just can’t wrap my head around that.

Like I said, I’m a wimp. And I’m extremely squeamish.

I’m sure everything will be fine. He does this everyday, probably.

Will I dream of sponges and boxes every night while I’m out? Labels? Honda returnables?

I guess they’re ramping up their shipments over the next few weeks, which means we’ll be working even harder.

This burly, beardy dude came up to me yesterday and tried to take my tugger away!

“I didn’t think you were supposed to be towing those with the tugger.” He said. “I’m going to talk to someone.”

He did. Went to Eddie, who reassured him it was fine, thank goodness. That thing saves me like, 9,000 steps a day. Now, I love getting steps, but let’s face it, 25,000 is 2 1/2 times the recommendation, and I think I’m doing more than enough with the 16.

I just need to get my nutrition under control.

John is retiring. Why didn’t Dale mention John? Do they already have a succession plan in place?

If there are any openings in the WH, probably Nina will get it. She has previous experience (I can’t remember in what) and she makes spreadsheets on her own time for Eddie.

Is it wrong to have that attitude? Or just realistic?

I think I have more education than she does, but I doubt that means anything at all. My education is irrelevant to the jobs upstairs. I have no MBA; I wish to God I did!

I would rather be in the other office than the WH office. But I would rather be in the WH office than not Hutch.

Oops, look at me, still thinking about jobs. I thought I was going to let it rest for a while. But once I get something like this in my head (or my heart), it’s pretty much all I can think about.

I’m up on the stupid scale. And I had salad last night. It was a big salad, though. With quite a bit of cheese. And some blue cheese dressing. Also some granola bars.

I need to go. Take some Miralax and shove off.

Have a fabulous Friday, friends. Drive safely, and thank you for reading.

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