I asked Dale about any office openings coming down the pike?

Nope. There aren’t any.

Nothing? I said in disbelief.

No, he said simply.

No retirements?

Not in the next six months.

Okay…thanks, I said, and walked out.

What is the thing to say to HR to get them talking to me?! Do I have to schedule time with them?

I should’ve waited for Mickayla. She at least will talk to me in more than monosyllables.

I don’t think he likes me.

Does he know of anyone retiring after six months? Who? In what department?

All questions I should’ve continued to barrage him with, except I didn’t feel comfortable.

The thing is, other companies are courting me. I got another email from a local business in Newmarket for a job that could pay upwards of $28/ hour, which is close to $60k a year. I don’t know if I even clear $40k right now.

But I don’t want to go anywhere else.

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