Dang Right 👍

It’s been a good day. Quality Lady was very pleasant. I got to hear Quality Guy talk to me in his British accent. We got a compliment from the assistant plant manager about how smoothly we’ve been running the Honda process. I talked to Evan this morning…about nothing, but still.

There’s this guy, a kind of older man, who is quite tall, and he always waves to me whenever he sees me. I’ve never met him, but he always waves. I don’t know, that strikes me as very nice.

I like it here. ❤️

I don’t want to go anywhere else.

A job opened up. Not the right job, though. Second shift production leader.

Come on, office. You need me. Wouldn’t someone up there absolutely love a really bright assistant?

Wouldn’t everyone?

There’s nothing I can’t learn. Except possibly engineering.

You know you want to. Just do it. Take me.

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