You Make Me Nervous, Throat Dry 👍

It’s 311’s All Mixed Up.

But it’s true. You do make me nervous.

Actually, my throat is really dry from the anti-sweat meds. It doesn’t help, I’m sure, that I’m drinking lemonade and soda to hydrate myself.

This post is going to get lots of hits just because there are song lyrics in it. I try to avoid that, but sometimes, I can’t help myself.

I often think in song lyrics.

Okay, maybe I am a little spectrummy.

You’re thinking, “Well, duuuuh.”

No, but, honestly, it didn’t come up as a concern on the screening I did in 2016. ADHD did. Impulsivity. Hmm…

Wow, I’ve said a lot of things without really saying anything at all in this post, haven’t I. I believe they call that verbal diarrhea.

It’s been a pretty good morning. I got here early, and Eddie ok’d leaving early. I think I saw Evan come in, but he was too far away.

I hope I have enough left in the HSA for my prescriptions. I just bought two new pairs of glasses because of my new prescription, because the place I get them from is very inexpensive, and they were BOGO-ish.

As in, the cost of the frames was covered on the second pair, but not anything else.

Already I have to go. I feel like I just sat down.

Have a lovely morning.

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