Starbucks Vanilla Bottled Frappuccino 👍

I’m not going to Dunkin’ today, so I decided to try a bottled coffee beverage. They have Starbucks and Dunkin’ in here, but Starbucks is fewer calories than Dunkin’ and they have vanilla.

It’s alright, I guess. More even tasting, not watered down. But I don’t get to crunch the sugar between my teeth.

Of course, this, I can probably take my time with and save for tomorrow and Friday. This, I’m not wasting most of.

Might be worth considering. Would certainly save me money, right?

It’s been kind of dull today, not much to do mid-morning. I was busier early.

But the Hondas have been audited, so there’s that I can do, now. On my little tugger train 😉

I’ve run out of thoughts to share. I’m just going to sit here quietly for a few minutes. Have a lovely lunch.

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