Encrusted in Ice 👍

I am sitting in Derek’s car, waiting for the windshield to defrost, so I can back it out of the driveway and get my car. We could just swap for the day, but we prefer our own cars.

There are never any cars coming down this street until I decide to do this. Then there are 12. Even at 5:30 a.m.

I got these fingerless convertible mitten gloves? Good ones, I thought, because of my condition. So far, they’re not really any warmer than the ones I spent ten bucks on.

I wanted water resistant ones for when I’m out here, cleaning snow off my car. These are supposed to be water resistant.

Okay, let’s do this.

Alright, so no other cars around before 5:00 a.m.

In Dover, NH, this morning, the roads are very icy and slippery. I know because I just walked on them. So be careful, my locals.

I just texted Eddie to see if I could punch in slightly early and leave slightly early because I have to get the kids off the bus today and I also have to get my prescriptions. I doubt I’ll hear from him this early, but it’s probably fine for me to do.

I will miss some of my light box and blog time, but it might be worth it not to interrupt my meds again. If I’m going to do it, though, I need to go 5 minutes ago.

Have a wild Wednesday, drive safely, and thanks for reading. Love to all ❤️

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