A Shorter, Sweeter Post đź‘Ť

My headache is gone, knock on wood.

I feel like I haven’t seen Evan in a really long time. I usually see him every few days.

I was thinking about all of the job-specific questions I should’ve asked that guy at my phone interview yesterday, but didn’t:

  • What CMS do you use?
  • What is an average projected daily workload expectation?
  • Would I be in-office everyday?
  • Who would I report to?
  • Other questions like that.

I asked about the business, the people, the culture, the best thing about working there. I know why, too. Because that’s what I care about most, right now. The people.

My people. Here.

I really don’t want to go somewhere else.

So what do I do if they offer me that job? That is a huge raise for me to turn down. I don’t know.

Run to Mickayla, beg them to find me something here? Maybe even just a sizable raise?

It would have to be a pretty big one, though.

I’m going to try not to worry right now. I have to go.

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