Crazy Morning đź‘Ť

I did not make it to my, errr…pre-break.

My actual break is around 8:30. My pre-break is right around 8:00, when I usually go to the bathroom, replenish my water, get sodas, and so on. Either that or I’m doing Honda stuff in the audit area at that time of day.

Not today, though.

I knew we had guests coming this week, but as usual, I screwed up the days in my head. So I am inappropriately dressed.

One of these days it’s going to bite me in the bee-hind, I know it.

So I’ve buttoned my flannel all the way up so they can’t tell right away that I don’t have the Velveeta shirt on.

This is a men’s extra large, and it still has so much less give in certain areas than it should.

Maybe the kid is right…

Anyway, it’s red, and I can feel my face is red, so, yeah. I’m a stoplight today.

So I had to drag a pallet Jack through the Gemba walk again. I don’t know if there’s protocol that prohibits this sort of thing during those meetings, but I sure get looks from those guys, and I don’t mean the same kind I get from Motorcycle Kid.

If there’s a thing, no one has told me.

I sneezed no less than seven times just now and the guy next to me didn’t say bless you once. Is that slightly unusual?

We had to move several heavy carts out of Extruding so the Gemba guys wouldn’t lose their…errr, so they wouldn’t get angry.

I guess I have more to learn about the rules. Maybe a few of us do, since so many of us are new, or newish.

I do always share any new info I get with my coworkers, though. Out of common decency, I guess.

So, I guess this morning could’ve been a lot better. Oh, well.

So, I have to go now. Talk soon.

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