WW Workshop

Bill had an asthma attack. It was scary. We were afraid he was having a heart attack.

The good news is one of our members is a nurse, and noticed him right away, and another individual had an inhaler, because he didn’t have his. I told him to get multiple inhalers, keep one in his work bag, another in his car, another in his coat, etc.

That’s what I do with lip balm and moisturizer. I have nail clippers in my tool box at work in case I crack a nail.

So we talked about a lot of very relevant stuff today. I never regret going to Kimmy meetings.

We talked about self compassion, neural pathways, ants (Automatic Negative Thoughts), and choice points. We all had to make up a thing to say to ourselves. I already had one. I used: every moment is a new opportunity.

Now I’m playing Wheel of Fortune with Aislyn, so I really probably should go.

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