Is This Over Yet? 👍

That’s what Aislyn asked me after I made her listen to about 30 minutes of my Liked songs on Spotify.

So I don’t think I’ll probably ever be getting Aislyn to like my music.

Was it naive of me to think I could?

I even put on Bjork for her. “Isn’t this so pretty?” I said.

“Yeah, but…can you find something we both like?”

“Probably not, honey,” I sighed.

I tried Love Interruption by Jack White, which I think I sang to myself the entire month of October.

Portishead (disastrous).

Later, mellower Stone Temple Pilots.

Sound Garden.

311 in their Transistor days



Tori Amos.

“You are not allowed to dislike Foo Fighters.” I said.

All of it clean, by the way.

Nope. She is adamantly opposed to my music.

She was a good sport, though. She did let me keep my tunes on while I cleaned the kitchen and then through two rounds of Guess Who—she chose Eric. I chose Man Bun (Daniel).

Starting today, February 4, you’ll be pleased to know that my posts will be clean and kid-friendly, because Desmond likes them and wants to read them.

So if my kids don’t like my music, it’s totally okay.

Desmond likes my writing.

I couldn’t be happier. ❤️

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