Insights 👍

I was looking at my insights. It seems I’ve been getting thousands of shares on Facebook and Twitter. I’m not sure why that is, or how I feel about it.

Like, are people sharing my writing to make fun of it? Or do they actually like it?

Because I know there is at least one article out there that is really mean and critical of my blog. And that’s the only one I know about.

Please don’t look for it or read it, okay? Promise me you won’t. I’m only telling you about its existence because I trust you not to read it.

Even I haven’t read it. Remember my biggest fear? Rejection?

I harbor no delusions about who I am or what I do. I know I am a small writer, writing about small things that are unimportant to everyone else.

I don’t spearhead or support any causes; I get my news secondhand and watered down because I’m too afraid to read it myself.

Most days, I’m just trying my best to get by.

Just like anyone, I suppose.

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