I’m up. Went to bed at 6:30. Got up at 2:30. That’s 8 hours. I didn’t want to sleep, anymore, because I was having bad dreams.

I was just on the company website for that interview. First of all, the content on the site needs work. It was hard for me to get through, even though it should’ve taken about five minutes.

I reread the job description. Although I meet the basic requirements, I don’t know that much about marketing, and they will find that out on Monday. I can write good marketing material, but that’s about it. I don’t know a lot about different strategies or theory.

Maybe they’re expecting the person they select to learn as they go?

Anyway, I’d be surprised if I ultimately get this job. Don’t worry, I won’t go in with that attitude. I’m just being honest. I am inexperienced.

I realize it’s all about how I showcase myself.

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