Yucky Fridge Again đź‘Ť

I got my coffee now because I have to get the kids off the bus today and I also need to pick up prescriptions. So my time is limited.

It’s been a reasonable day. Not too boring, not too busy. It’s gone by fast.

Angelo is getting pizza, so there’s that.

I guess every time I open the fridge I’m letting mold spores into the air and breathing them in. That makes me want to clean out the work fridge and my fridge.

And of course, the rest of the house.

I’ve been looking MK right in the eye to see if it makes any difference? It doesn’t, really.

It’s like looking at a 30s-ish, more muscular version of Zac from Never the Same Place Twice.

So weird.

Oops. Have to go.

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